The collective name “Ukrainian Youth Ensembles” was chosen in 1985 to reflect the ages of the majority of members – young people and young professionals united by their love of music, a fascination for their heritage, and dedication to their community. Today, the young-at-heart are accomplished musicians and singers from all walks of life, who now encourage their children and other young people to join the Ensembles’ musical family. This affords a new generation the opportunity to develop its talents and cultivate its heritage through a unique musical experience.

Their ultimate goal is promoting the arts for future generations and to use one’s talents in service for others. Music is a language, a great expression of the human spirit, that transcends international boundaries and unites all generations and nationalities. The Ukrainian Youth Ensembles look forward to showcasing new artistic partnerships in our global community.

The Ukrainian Youth Ensembles (UYE) include the Levada Women’s Choir, the Orion Men’s Choir and the Vanguard Concert/ Marching Band. All are dedicated to preserving, promoting and building on the rich musical culture and traditions of their heritage; thereby contributing to the great cultural spectrum of our country, Canada.


To our cherished Community!

A performing group unaffiliated with and representing itself falsely as the Levada and Orion Choirs of The Ukrainian Youth Ensembles has been staging concerts and performing under our name blantantly and completely without the authorization of our Organization.

If there are any questions with regards to this situation and/or to ensure that you are getting the tried and true performance excellence of the Levada and Orion Choirs, and Vanguard Band, of the Ukrainian Youth Ensembles please contact our Executive President Walter Hontar (, or Vice President Roman Haruk ( or call our ensembles office at 416-896-5808 during normal business hours.