The Vanguard Concert/Marching Band was founded in 1985 by embracing a vision to integrate the Ukrainian and Canadian cultures through its music. The band’s rich repertoire includes a variety of ceremonial, classical, folk, marching, patriotic, and religious music. Its members consist of youth, students, and experienced professionals who are united by their love of music.

The Vanguard Concert/Marching Band consists of three internal segments: Instrumental Band, Colour-Guards, and a Junior Drum Corps. Members foster discipline, a feeling of obligation and responsibility, true friendship and a spirit of unity that is continuously and consistently apparent through the quality of musical performance.

Vanguard’s music is performed in an exemplary, thematic and dignified manner. Their instrumental handling and synchronized marching abilities have provided many opportunities to perform in hundreds of communities: Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day parades, concerts, festivals, and marathons. Vanguard members are especially proud of their uniforms which are defined by richness of colour and intricate detail.

The Vanguard Concert/Marching Band has performed throughout Canada, the United States and Europe. In 1990, along with the Levada and Orion Choirs, Vanguard enjoyed an exciting, artistic three-week tour of Ukraine. In a span of 21 days, the Ensembles successfully staged 28 performances. During this artistic tour, the Ukrainian Youth Ensembles manifested a hope and promise for freedom, spiritually uniting both the Canadian and Ukrainian people through its wealth of song and music.

In order to enhance and enrich its vision, Vanguard continues welcoming new members from the community!


Rehearsal Schedule:

Day of the Week:Wednesday
Time: 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Location:1222 Fewster Drive, Unit 3
Mississauga ON L4W 1A1
Mailing Address:Vanguard Concert/Marching Band
1222 Fewster Drive, Unit 3
Mississauga ON L4W 1A1
Telephone:(416) 565-9326 , (416) 271-8040 or (905) 896-1389
Email Address:
Head Roman Haruk
First Assistant HeadBohdan Yasinsky
Second Assistant HeadOrest Chachula
InstrumentarianMike Haruk
Secretary Natalia Hontar
Drill Officer Gregory Yasinsky
  Steven Yasinsky
Uniformarian Mary Hontar
Treasurer/Financier Tanya Hontar
Librarian Boris Kokodyniak
(Assist)Gregory Yasinsky
Stage ManagerMike Haruk
(Assist)Steven Yasinsky
Archivist & Press Rep Mychajlo Kobylecky

Members Without Portfolio: Myroslaw Stasyszyn, Orest Teply


Do you enjoy playing an instrument? Please join us!

Everybody is Welcome!

Rehearsals take place every Wednedsay from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m., from September to June at 1222 Fewster Ave., Unit 3, Mississauga ON L4W 1A1 (Dixie and Eglinton). Additional rehearsals are added during the week or on Sunday before a major performance. Summer rehearsals are sometimes required depending on community commitments

    Stephanie Dunlop
    Luby Gorejko
    Mary Haruk
    Lubomyr Stasyszyn
    Daniel Fawcett
    Boyan Kobelak
    Darka Stasyszyn
    John Walker
    Katherine Walker
    Jennifer Walker
    Stefania Yasinsky
    Vladimir Boldyr
    Orest Chachula
    Mychaylo Dovbenyuk
    Michael Haruk
    Janice Hembruff
    John Mcgregor
    Bohdan Soluk
    Ihor Sywanyk
    Bohdan Zadarko
    Gregory Begiedza
    Nathan Haynes
    Robert Hladun
    Mark Kobelak
    Rita Arendz
    Tania Hontar
    Andrew Kobelak
    Kaylee Longman
    Fred Haire
    Petrusia Hontar
    Rebecca Laird
    Orest Teply
    Orest Teply jr.
    Steven Yasinsky

    Roman Haruk
    Natalie Hontar
    Boris Kokodyniak
    Laryssa Maryniuk

    Alexander Buczynskyj
    Chrissy Hontar
    Taras Myschyshyn
    Bohdan Yasinsky
    Gregory Yasinsky

    Aleksandr Levkovitch
    Adrian Gobosz
    Bohdan Stasyszyn
    Myroslaw Stasyszyn
    Wasyl Stasyszyn
    Oksana Stech

    John Hladun
    Mychaylo Kobylecky
    Andrij Teply