Roman Yasinsky – Ensembles Musical Director / Conductor - Vanguard Concert/Marching Band

OCT, Mus.Bac., B.Ed..

Roman Yasinsky has been a member of the Ukrainian Youth Ensembles since their inception in the fall of 1985. He assumed the position of Musical Director for the Concert-Marching Band “Vanguard” in 2001, and extended his responsibilities to both choirs, Levada and Orion, a few years later, when he became the Musical Director and Conductor of all the Ukrainian Youth Ensembles in January 2005.

Roman attended the University of Toronto, Faculty of Music, where he studied conducting under Victor Felbrill. Further conducting studies have included conducting courses, symposiums and workshops with many distinguished conductors including: Wasyl Kardash, Gino Falconi, Stephen Chenette, Richard Blatti, Richard Floyd, Dr. Denise Grant, Dr. Jeff Reynolds, Dr. Paula Holcomb and Dr. Gillian MacKay.

Roman Yasinsky has taught elementary and secondary vocal and instrumental music in Scarborough, Toronto, Brampton, and Mississauga for over 25 years. His many award-winning ensembles have performed at ceremonies, receptions, festivals and concerts, both in the Greater Toronto Area, and throughout Eastern Canada and the United States.

As a conductor, euphonium player and soloist, accompanist, vocalist, arranger, clinician and educator, Roman Yasinsky has been much in demand and very active in the Toronto area with many different concert bands, military bands, brass bands, church choirs, community choirs and various ensembles.

Under Roman Yasinsky’s musical direction, the Ukrainian Youth Ensembles have continued their musical growth and development, continuously striving towards a higher level of vocal and instrumental excellence, while maintaining many standards and traditions from their past history.

Zhanna Zinchenko - Conductor - Levada and Orion Choirs

Zhanna Zinchenko, originally from the oblast of Zaporizhia, completed her education at the Mayboroda College of Music in Zaporizhia and at the Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Kyiv as a choir director under the tutelage of the head choirmaster of the National Opera of Ukraine, Professor L. M. Venedyktov. In addition, she is a laureate in international choral and directorial competitions, and has had experience with a range of various choirs, from student to professional.

In 2001, Zhanna immigrated to Canada and continued her musical journey with the choir at the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of St. Demetrius in Etobicoke. She also had the pleasure of working with composer Roman Hurko on various choral projects, and because of her creative and professional disposition, she was given the opportunity to take over the leadership of the choir at St. Nicholas Ukrainian Church in Toronto, where she led a master class alongside international opera singer Pavlo Hunka. With the St. Nicholas Ukrainian Church Choir, Zhanna was able to organize fundraising performances of Christmas carols for the disabled children of Dzherelo, a rehabilitation centre in Lviv. These performances have now become an annual tradition.

Zhanna had the opportunity to work with Halyna Kvitka Kondracki, who invited her to be a vocal coach for the “Vesnivka” choir for a period of time. Zhanna is also a piano and vocal coach at the Canadian Contemporary Music Academy. She conducts the children’s liturgical choir at Josyf Cardinal Slipyj School in Etobicoke and is the music teacher at St. Nicholas Ukrainian School on Saturdays. She founded a quartet at the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of St. Demetrius, whose musical repertoire includes selections by Bortniansky, Vedel, Berezowsky, and other well-known composers. In January 2011, the Ukrainian Youth Ensembles proudly welcomed Zhanna Zinchenko as their conductor of the women’s choir Levada and the men’s choir Orion.



Levada Women’s and Orion Men’s Choir

  • Ihor Maheha - 2008 - 2011
  • Yaroslaw Hnatowskyj - 2007 (October) - 2008 (January) – Levada Choir
  • Roman Yasinsky - 2005 - 2008 (June), 2001 (October) - 2002 (January) – Mixed Choir
  • Dmytro Bilan - 2001 (October) - 2005 (January)
  • Andrey Bourak - 2001 (October) - 2003 (January) – Orion Choir
  • Wasyl Kardash - 1985 - 2001

Assistants: Daria Chandon, Mary Swerbywus

Vanguard Concert/ Marching Band

  • Yaroslaw Hnatowsky - 2007 (November) - 2008 (January)
  • Roman Yasinsky - 2002 - 2007 (June)
  • Wasyl Kardash - 1985 - 2001
  • Ihor Sywanyk - assisted whenever necessary

Junior Drum Corp Instructors

  • Wasyl Bien
  • William Hawryshchuk
  • Aleksandr Levkovitch
  • Walter Martyniw