At present, the Orion Men’s Choir consists of 30 singers, who demonstrate a deep commitment to choral music, to community, and to their Ukrainian heritage. The choristers perform in many venues, showcasing liturgical, contemporary, traditional folk, and patriotic music. The Orion Men’s Choir performs both as a male chorus, as well as mixed choir with the Levada Women’s Choir. The Orion Men’s Choir has taken its name from the Orion Constellation, the brightest star of which is the Rigel. The name reflects the choir’s striving for the excellence in male choral performance.

The Orion Men’s Choir has built its reputation in the community by singing at Wedding Services and Panachydas (Memorial Services), the latter renowned for its spirituality and emotional expressiveness. Every year in the month of November, the Orion Men’s Choir performs at the Remembrance Day Ceremonies at the Monument of the Unknown Soldier at the Ukrainian Canadian Park in Etobicoke, organized by the Royal Canadian Legion and the Ukrainian Canadian Congress. After the Remembrance Day Service, they entertain our esteemed seniors at the Ukrainian Canadian Care Centre which demonstrates their deep commitment to community.

In March they perform at a Commemorative Service for the late General Taras Chuprynka (aka Roman Shukhevych) at St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church in Toronto. Singing a deeply moving Commemorative Service, in the fall of 2007 for the 75th Anniversary of the Famine-Genocide at St. Mary’s Dormition U.C.C. in Mississauga, was a defining moment in their history. At Christmas,the choir members also develop the spirit of camaraderie as they continue the Ukrainian Tradition of Koliada or carolling for the community.

Both the Levada and Orion Choirs look forward to exciting prospects and frontiers as they welcome new members, form unique partnerships and embrace new repertoire.

The Orion Men's Choir is proud to be a member of Choirs Ontario.


Choir members are expected to follow a code of conduct relating to attendance and punctuality, at rehearsals and performances. They must also meet expectations regarding costumes and notes which are the property of the Ukrainian Youth Ensembles. Mutual respect and friendship form the basis for a warm and inviting musical environment, where new members are always welcome.

Do you enjoy singing? Please join us!
Everybody is Welcome!

Rehearsals take place every Tuesday from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m., from September to June at 1222 Fewster Drive, Unit 3, Mississauga ON L4W 1A1 (Dixie & Eglinton). Additional rehearsals are added on Thursday and/or Sunday before a major performance. Summer rehearsals are sometimes required depending on community commitments.


The Orion Men’s Choir has its own Executive which is elected by the Orion membership every two years.

For information please contact:

Head of Orion Men’s Choir - Eugene Begiedza

416-695-3491 and Cell: 416-822-5132

or by email:

The Head is directly responsible for the membership of the Orion Men's Choir. He is an ex-officio member of the Executive of the Ukrainian Youth Ensembles governing body. His duties and responsibilities include:

  • welcoming, introducing and familiarizing new members with the history and philosophy of the Ensembles; expectations of the choir and duties of choristers
  • communicating dates and times of rehearsals, and news items to choir members
  • displaying leadership in choir and Ensemble endeavours and commitments to the community (concerts, fundraisers)
  • communicating with other choir executive members: Assistant Head, Secretary, Treasurer, Wardrobe Representative, Librarian, Staging Representative.
  • organizing and facilitating meetings to address choir issues





  • Eugene Begiedza
  • Orest Chachula
  • Valeriy Galatsan
  • Roman Katchmar
  • Wasyl Lapko
  • Victor Sheweli
  • John Hladun
  • Roman Yasinsky
  • Roman Buyna
  • Vasyl Drabyk
  • Peter Hemon
  • Stefan Hemon
  • Walter Hontar
  • Roman Kobelak
  • Zinovi Popovitch
  • Orest Teply
  • Alexander Buczynsky
  • Wolodymyr Babicky
  • Nick Tywoniuk
  • Roman Balalban
  • Wasyl Burtniak
  • Aleksandr Kudlak
  • Michael Kobylecky
  • Wasyl Stasyszyn
  • Bohdan Temniuk
  • Jaroslaw Wajda
  • Gregory Yasinksy
  • Steven Yasinksy
  • Walter Bilchak
  • Bogdan Fedak
  • Bohdan Hemon
  • Aleksandr Levkovitch
  • Andrij Maslej
  • Iwan Nowicki
  • Irynej Sulypka
  • Rev. Iwan Trush